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About the photographer

Brent Abrahams: Principle photographer / Proprietor

A friend and fellow photographer recently commented that this website was lacking in any personality:” A mere documentation of current images”.  Well, it was the truth and in contradiction to what I aspire to in the images that I take and create. Documentation is sometimes necessary but ultimately, for me, photography is about taking or creating images that connect with the viewer on a visual, emotional or nostalgic level.

In brief, my name is Brent Abrahams, a photographer based in Somerset West, South Africa and my work, since 2010, is primarily capturing wedding moments and corporate events all around the country.

The events and wedding industry is not new to me, after completing my Art and Public Relations studies in the 90s, I found myself working within the events and hospitality industry with duties ranging from project management, coordination, and all other aspects including food, décor and bottle washer. Travel has also played a large role in my career and as a result, the wedding, events and travel industry has remained my main areas within photography.

Art is also a passion and I have over the years had a number of exhibitions with classical period ceramic paintings at various galleries. The highlight possibly being selected as the guest artists for be exhibited alongside Hilton Nell and Barbara Jackson, whose works were selected to represent South Africa in Zagreb. I mention this purely out of interest as classical art has an influence in my photographic work.

My career change to photography happened in 2007 but was born out of necessity at the time. Earlier injuries resulted in memory loss, a very scary period of my life. The camera seemed like the only alternative to capture points of reference at the time. In brief, medical doctors finally put all my parts back together and got them working again. However, the camera had once again become an integral part of my life as per almost 15 years of modelling in front of the camera for various ad campaigns both locally and internationally. (BD – Before digital). Photography combined with my art complimented what initially started out as a memory tool and that’s how my career started.

After formalizing my photography studies through the University of Cape Town, I went on to establish Wempic photography. The studio also combines the expertise and resources of a number of professional photographers who are coordinated to meet the requirements of clients.

Other than the above, if I’m not shooting in studio, event or a wedding you are most likely to find me in the most remote of places, on a mountain or in the bushveld. The one lesson that I learnt  is that it is important to make memories and capture them.

It will be great to hear from you